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Maths Camp in a deck of cards

We have put together a deck of 54 cards with every single card featuring a unique activity, engaging participants in games, puzzles or fun mathematical facts.

Playing Cards

Cards Booklet

The card deck is designed to enable a large variety of maths camp activities, virtual or in person, with or without technical support, whether you are a seasoned maths camper, or have little background in maths education. Every card has enough information for participants to get stuck into the activity and is linked to further information in both digital media (in the form of a code linking to our VMC Chatbot or QR-code to a dedicated website with explanations and extensions) and non-digital media (an accompanying booklet).

Our deck is organized into four suits:

  • Clubs and Diamonds are puzzles (non-counting-based and counting-based) whose statements are concisely written on each card; further content includes hints, solutions and extension puzzles.
  • Hearts are fun mathematical facts and are also stated on the cards, with further content including explanations and thoughtful extensions.
  • Spades are games, and contain basic rules and setup on the card, with further content including more detailed rules, strategy tips and variants.
  • Our aim is to provide mathematics education that is distributable within an accessible package. We hope you enjoy the deck!