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Returning Maths Camp Students

Bahir Dar University Maths Camp Alumni

Meron leading a cards game session


"I was a puzzle master in the camp, this helped me further understand how puzzles work."

Daniel Nebiyu

Tell us about your experience in this maths camp as a returning student.

It was so interesting! I experienced that I can lead any program with confidence!

I was a puzzle master in the camp, this helped me further understand how puzzles work. I prepared puzzles with my friend, coordinated physical activity programs and facilitated others sessions.

As a facilitator,I broaden my math knowledge and also learnt how to coordinate and organize programs like math camp.

I had an opportunity to see other bahirdar university branches during the math camp trip.

What was your experience from the first maths camp and why did you decide to come back as a returning student?

My first math camp in 2019 was magical! Firstly, I didn't expect that kind of learning system, i expected the system as our current educational curriculum. the system ,however, was fun, interesting and great. before that math camp, I solved mathematical problems with their formula without considering other ways. math camp, however, taught me how to solve those problems by understanding.

I decide to be a returning student, in order to make more interesting math camp weeks for other participants. and I can surely say the 8th math camp participants were excited!

Any suggestions for improvements of the maths camps, what things would you like to see more of?

Although the camp is useful and interesting, the time is a little bit short. I suggest the duration shall extend for another 2 weeks. Also the camp is only for Amhara region, it should extend to all over the Ethiopian country.

What would you tell anyone interested in participating in a math camp?

As I mention above, the camp is fun. I suggest the next participants to have a passion in the math camp. Math camp is like the training wheels for the bicycle of real life!

Where are you now and what are your future plans?

I am from Ethiopia,bahir dar. I am currently a high school student, and I want to be astrophysicist for the near future.

What did you find most memorable? How have the maths camps impacted you?

Math camp taught me math is not only about calculation, algorism and operation, but it is about deep understanding.

We also experienced a new thing that we had not exprrienced before through fun. Since most of participants are a high school students, we didn't know how the dormitory life was before.