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Returning Maths Camp Students

Bahir Dar University Maths Camp Alumni

Biruk leading a chant in a bus ride


Biruk Dessalegn

Tell us about your experience in this maths camp as a returning student.

I got the information for facilitating mathcamp was 4 days left that mathcamp is going to begin. So when I arrive, all the other facilitators were almost finish their work and I was helping the rest things like solving puzzles and manage physical activities.

There was a good time for me to know how to sacrifice for others to make them happy. I don’t facilitate any others programs before mathcamp , so it’s good for me to get more abilities to facilitate and lead other things .Thank you

What was your experience from the first maths camp and why did you decide to come back as a returning student?

I participated in the 2019 mathcamp and It was so different than I expected. I expected that there will be “chalk and talk” program. But when I got into it, it’s unique and I asked my self "why our school don’t teach us like this?". If all schools learning technique is the same as mathcamp I think all students would have the same grade in their school time. And now in 2021, I get a text for the 2021 mathcamp to facilitate and then I decided to help the new comers to get what I got in my mathcamp.

Any suggestions for improvements of the maths camps, what things would you like to see more of?

I don’t see any problems but I think mathcamp should be spread all over the other regions in Ethiopia otherthan Bahirdar.

What would you tell anyone interested in participating in a math camp?

I want to say for students who interested in participating:"come and get what I exprienced in it".

Where are you now and what are your future plans?

Now I am waiting my university entrance exam in october and my future plan is that I want to be doctor but the funny thing I am good and interested in maths at school.

What did you find most memorable? How have the maths camps impacted you?

The memorable thing I got was beside acquiring the knowledge of maths, I got friendship. There are so many students that they came from other schools so we all see such a diverse peoples around us and all of us get so many ideas and thoughts that make me sociable. Thank you.